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Feedback on the PANELFIT factsheets for citizens

24. June 2021by ECSA

As part of the PANELFIT project, ECSA is working on a series of factsheets to inform the public about the ethical and legal issues around ICTs. We are also creating a citizens’ guide to ICTs, data and vulnerable people

Before finalising these outputs, we would like to ask people to share their thoughts on the draft versions. Please complete this survey to give us your thoughts and feedback on these documents. You can comment on as many of the drafts as you like; please complete the survey separately each time.

This survey is anonymous and will be open until 23 July 2021.

You can download the draft of each document as a PDF here.

  1. Your data and your rights: an introduction
  2. The GDPR
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Data privacy
  5. Security and data privacy
  6. Data commercialisation
  7. Informed consent
  8. How your data is used in research
  9. Vulnerable groups and data
  10. Health-related data
  11. Migration control technologies
  12. Open science, citizen science and your data

ICTs, data and vulnerable people: a guide for citizens