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Air Quality

Working Group

The vision of the WG is to support citizen science communities working on air quality across Europe to become mobilized and learn frome ach other's experiences. We aim at organizing an annual "citizen scientist monitoring air quality day" in European Cities starting in 2019, engaging citizens in creating a collaborative pan-European air quality map.


    The major objectives of the WG are:

    1. Scale up existing methods in air quality monitoring with citizen science approaches to European scale, by focussing efforts towards one annual Day.
    2. Connect existing citizen science initiatives, facilitating the sharing of information and documenting the different monitoring and engagement approaches.
    3. Improve our understanding of citizen sensing, including aspects of citizen science engagement, communication and science-policy interaction.
    4. Engage more citizens in Europe in air quality monitoring and increase awareness about air pollution and health.
    5. Become a collaborative platform where scientists, technologists, grass-root movements, NGOs, citizens and other interested actors can share knowledge on citizen science for air quality.

    Dr. Nuria Castell, NILU-Norwegian Institute of Air Research (Norway)

    Lukas Mocek, Luftdaten.info (Germany)