Here we collect tools developed by ECSA and from others as well as reports on capacity building and training workshops. In addition, you can find general document of the association.

ECSA 10 Principles of Citizen Science

Our aim is to translate the Principles into all ECSA members' languages - and we hope to also gain some non-members for other languages. If you can translate the principles into your language, please contact Headquarters.

The Australian Citizen Science Association has adapted an Australian version of the 10 Principles, which can be found on their website here:

Citizen Science Guidelines and Publications
Reports from Workshops and Events
Apply to host an ECSA event

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Application deadline for both events is May 4, 2020.

ECSA's characteristics of citizen science and explanation notes

The characteristics of citizen science defined in this document are based on views expressed by researchers, practitioners, public officials and the wider public. It attempts to represent a wide range of opinions in an inclusive way, to allow for different types of projects and programmes, where context-specific criteria can be set. The explanation notes provide more discussion about how these characteristics were created and what they mean in practice.