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Let‘s join forces to advance citizen science in Europe! If you would like to get involved with ECSA’s activities, there are many ways to engage.
Make us part of your citizen science activities
Become a member of one of our working groups
ECSA members can volunteer or candidate other members for our executive board or advisory board.
Would you like to host an ECSA event?

Involve ECSA
in your project

As an association that promotes citizen science across Europe, ECSA participates in several research and coordination projects: for example as a research partner, a communications partner and by hosting events and workshops. You can see our current projects here.

Depending on the expertise and experience needed, ECSA can contribute to projects centrally through ECSA headquarters, and through our network of members. You can read our terms for involvement in a project here.

If you would like us to be part of your project, please get in touch.

ECSA Membership - white helix model on black background
ECSA Membership - white helix model on black background

Join a
working group

ECSA supporters are welcome to participate in activities, share their experiences and closely follow what we are doing. Becoming a supporter is open for organisations and individuals and free of charge.

ECSA’s thematic working groups undertake a range of citizen science activities, which include research, exchanging experiences and capacity-building.

They are open to all ECSA members, and membership of a working group requires a time commitment to attend meetings and help out with tasks.

To join a working group, please contact the group chair directly.


a board member

ECSA represents a growing network of researchers, citizen scientists, SMEs, political and civil society organisations. As an association with the aim to promote citizen science across Europe via joint action and exchange amongst practitioners, we look forward to contributing to joint research and coordination projects.

ECSA members can nominate themselves for our executive board or advisory board, they can also nominate other ECSA members for these positions. These positions are voted for at ECSA general assemblies.

If you would like to be considered for either of these boards, please contact us and we can provide you with more information.


an ECSA event

Would you like to host our next general assembly or international conference?

Read the following documents to find out more.


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