Apply for Full Membership

To improve your application procedure, please take the time to look at the ECSA Membership Terms and Conditions. They define the admission procedure and the criteria of eligibility for full membership and for becoming a supporter of ECSA. All membership applications need to be approved by the ECSA Steering Committee and will be finally confirmed by the Executive Board. Fees are to be paid after the approval of the application, you will be notified separately.

We offer an organizational and an individual membership to formally engage with ECSA:

For-profit Organizations                         200€/calendar year
For-profit Organizations Discount         100€/calendar year for organizations with fewer than 5 full-time employees
Not-for-profit Organizations                  100€/calendar year
Not-for-profit Organizations Discount   50€/calendar year for organizations with fewer than 5 full-time employees


Individuals                    50€/calendar year
Individuals Discount    25€/calendar year for students, retired, unemployed -please, send us an official document of your status


Please note that your information will be transmitted without a secure internet connection (https) and may therefore be vulnerable. We are working on improving that.


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