Terms of involvement in project proposals


ECSA is a pan-European association with the aim of promoting citizen science across the European Union and beyond. ECSA encourages joint action and exchange between citizen science practitioner organizations, research institutions and individuals. In the past years ECSA has built up substantial experience and knowledge on carrying out citizen science projects and research, our growing network of institutions and individuals engaged in citizen science is fundamental. Hence ECSA gladly offers expanding expertise and skills in the field of citizen science to add to your project proposal. 

In order to better assess whether your project proposal meets the requirements for ECSA’s involvement in the consortium, we have summarised the key principles here.


We are aiming 

to support our members by contributing to projects that align with the ECSA Statutes and ECSA Strategy and incorporate at least four of the following aims with respect  to citizen science:

  • sustainability environmental and societal,

  • education in citizen science,

  • development and refinement of methods,

  • participation of disadvantaged and marginalized,

  • dissemination of best practices and excellence,

  • policymakers on a local to a global scale to be informed and provided expertise,

  • connect ECSA network to the global citizen science community,

  • research on citizen science,

  • community building in civil society,


As we are a member association, we can only support project applications where the management is an ECSA member. ECSA supports projects that include at least the equivalent of 40% of a full-time person for the duration of the project, about 32.000 €/year.


We are offering the following contributions and competencies: 

  • dissemination around ECSA networks and partnerships and the ECSA principles for Citizen Science, e.g. lessons learned, best practices, questionnaires, interviews, gathering feedback;

  • research on insufficiently addressed topics of citizen science;

  • communication, networking and stakeholder engagement;

  • event organisation e.g. conferences, round tables and knowledge-sharing workshops facilitated by experts; 

  • policy brief development and dissemination through the ECSA network;

  • guidelines and toolkit development and dissemination through the ECSA network;

  • text production, e.g. reports, articles and abstracts;

  • peer learning and capacity development with similar associations/initiatives;

  • promotion of open data generated in the project within the ECSA network;

  • knowledge sharing on ECSA and EU-Citizen.Science web pages supported through common, free and open software standards;

  • collaboration with similar or complementary projects where ECSA or other members are participating (connect current projects when opportune). 


How to proceed to collaborate with ECSA: 

Send an Email to ecsa-admin@mfn.berlin with an abstract (about 200 words) of the project idea and goals.

Please note:  We kindly ask you to submit your request in due time. Short-term requests (from 4-months before the end of the call) could be rejected by ECSA. ECSA will get back to you with a form, asking specific information about the project and your preferences of the collaboration. 

You will receive a decision as soon as possible.

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