BioBlitzBcn - Public engagement, citizen science and biodiversity recording

A BioBlitz is a collaborative race to discover as many species as possible, within a set location, over a defined time period - usually 24 hours. A BioBlitz usually combines the collection of biodiversity records, as a form of contributory citizen science, with public engagement. Naturalists, scientists and volunteers work together with members of the public and school groups to create a snapshot of biodiversity. This provides an opportunity for participants to learn together and share their expertise and enthusiasm for nature whilst collecting valuable information about the biodiversity.In 2010, the Universitat de Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council ran the first event in Barcelona. Since then the project has grown and strengthened and now is currently led by the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona, with an important participation of other areas of the City Council, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and different naturalist associations.Barcelona organizes one event annually. From 2010, a total of 2.083 visitors participated with more than 1,500 species identified. Outdoor events like BioBlitz can help to break down barriers to engagement withthe natural world by providing a structured activity that invites exploration and discovery in a collaborative atmosphere between members of the public, school groups and specialist naturalists.


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