Citizen Science – A new tool for policy makers. European Union Lunch Time Conference in Brussels

European Union Lunch Time Conference

The Internet of things, rapid advances in automated monitoring systems and big data systems are opening up Citizen Science as an exciting new policy tool. Policy makers can now reach out to the peoples of Europe to take part in understanding the environment around them. Programmes are developing that provide a cost effective way to rapidly identify, monitor and tackle emerging environmental issues. Carefully designed they also open the opportunity for people in our cities to provide the data on the impact of current environmental policies. This conference is designed to show what is possible so that policy makers can be equipped to use this new opportunity in support of their work.

To provide an overview of the value of Citizen Science to support EU policy development and implementation.
Conference Process:
A series of interactive demonstrations that will show case the value of citizen science, drawing on the best EU programmes from both members and supporters of ECSA. Leaflets, posters and examples of existing technologies that can be used will be made available to attendees.
Reserved for Commission staff only.
Event Organisers:
Martin Brocklehurst – Hon Policy Group Chair ECSA
Ivana Juraga - Policy Officer, Knowledge, Risks & Urban Environment.
EU Event Sponsor:
Nicholas Banfield – Head of Unit Knowledge, Risks & Urban Environment.
Introduction (10 mins)
Martin Brocklehurst Hon Chair ECSA Policy Committee
Spain - Policy and Citizen science (10 mins)
Fermin Serrano - re Socientize Policy Green and White Paper on Citizen science and how Ibercivis are promoting actions at National and Regional Scale in Spain
Austria - Biodiversity and Citizen Science (15 mins)
Martin Brocklehurst & Johann Zaller BOKU University Vienna, overall policy and a chance to take part in a real time demonstration of “Project Roadkill”
Belgium - Air Quality and Citizen Science (10 mins)
Professor Samson Roeland Antwerp University, Project Airbezen – Traffic related air pollution monitoring using strawberry plants
Netherlands - Air Quality and Citizen Science (15 mins)
Prof.Dr. Christoph U. Keller, Professor of Experimental Astrophysics, Leiden Observatory, Leiden University.
iSPEX Measuring fine dust with your smart phone, demonstration.
Panel Discussion - Facilitated by Martin Brocklehurst (15 mins)
It will include an interactive Q&A session where the audience will be asked for their views on the barriers to Citizen Science becoming an integral part of EU Policy delivery.
Finish - 14.30


Nicholas Banfield – Head of Unit Knowledge, Risks & Urban Environment.


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