DITOs Open Science Policy Brief Writing Workshop

In order to write a Policy Brief on relations between Citizen Science and Open Science, the DITOs project works together with the ECSA Working Group on Citizen Science & Open Science. We warmly invite for a Policy Brief writing workshop together with a working group meeting in Copenhagen, 9th-10th July 2017.


Sunday, 9th July

ECSA Open Science WG meeting via Adobe Connect in italics

14:00 Welcome & introductions

14:30 Input presentations of participants (& remote?) on case studies & key messages

15:00 Taking a look at what we have & deciding on how to work on it now

15:30 Group work on policy brief sections

18:00 Converge and discuss results of today & how to continue


20:00-22:00 Working dinner

Points to be discusses:

  • Synergies between Open Science & Citizen Science
  • Problems & limitations
  • Suggestions for what needs to be done


Monday, 10th July

09:00 Good morning - quick review of yesterday and deciding steps for today

09:15 Group work on policy brief sections

11:30 Converge and discuss results & how to continue

12:00 Lunch (self-paid)

13:00 Group work on policy brief sections

14:30 Wrap up and next steps

15:00 End


What do we hope to get out of the workshop?

  • First rough draft to send around for feedback over the summer :)
  • Written sample case studies by workshop participants, brainstorming of other potential cases & template for other people to fill in.
  • Agree on main messages of policy brief and what argument we make to get these points across (=policy brief sections).
  • Start writing at least some sections of the policy brief and get commitment of people to write what they are interested in.
  • Timeline for finishing the policy brief.

The meeting will take place at:
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Google Maps:

Visitor info from Natural History Museum (the ZM's parent institution)

We're working to facilitate some type of remote participation - if you are interested - please let Claudia know.

There will also be a web call for a working group meeting during the workshop - we'll communicate that via the Open Science WG channels.

For any questions regarding the event, please contact Kyle Copas.


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