Invitation to the ECSA General Assembly, June 5th, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland

Dear ECSA members,

We are delighted to formally invite you to the ECSA General Assembly on June 5th 2018 in Geneva. The General Assembly will take place in the context of the International ECSA conference “ECSA2018 - Empowering citizens, social innovation, and scientific literacy” (03-05 June) and the COST workshop day on June 6th at the University of Geneva. Registration is via the conference website, and a reduced price is available for ECSA members. It is possible to attend the General Assembly only; in which case no conference fee applies.

The annual General Assembly is the major decision-making body of ECSA as an association under German law. Please see the ECSA Statutes and Rules of Procedure for your rights and duties as ECSA member and participant in the General Assembly. We are looking forward to address the following items with you in Geneva:

  • The progress ECSA has made in the past year
    • Including a presentation of the annual report and of the budget of the upcoming fiscal year
  •  Presentation of the Development Strategy of 2018/2019
  •  Election of Executive Board & Board of Directors:
    • The Executive Board represents ECSA, maintains Headquarters and has limited legal liability. The Board of Directors consists of five and advises the Executive Board in shaping and developing ECSA.
    • We call on all ECSA members to express their candidature for the Executive Board by using this webform and for the Board of Directors by using this webform until 31st of May 2018.
    • The lists of candidates will be published and updated continuously on the ECSA website.
  • Reports from ECSA Working Groups
    • Suggestions and adoption of new ECSA Working Groups can be made via this form or during the General Assembly – so please bring your ideas!
  • Election of Advisory Board Members
    • We call on all ECSA members to submit their nominations for the Advisory Board members via this webform until 31st of May 2018.
  • ECSA General Assembly 2019

Please note that in order to make a formal decision at the General Assembly, items have to be mentioned in the agenda prior to the meeting with sufficient public notice to all members beforehand. Additional items can also be suggested at the General Assembly, but no formal decisions can be taken in this case.

We are accepting submission requests for the agenda up until Sunday, 10 May 2018, to ECSA Headquarters via email.

We are looking very much forward to meeting you in Geneva and setting the path for the future development of ECSA!


With best regards,

Johannes Vogel, ECSA Chair

Katrin Vohland, ECSA Vice Chair

Dorte Riemenschneider, ECSA Coordinator

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