Session “Making our cities green with citizen science”

23rd May 2018 16:30 – 18:00 Blue Point, Brussels


Citizens play a vital part in shaping the cities that they live in, even more so today through participation in movements such as citizen science, that can help to integrate them more deeply into environmental decision making, inspire behavioural change linked to sustainable living and contribute to important research efforts that are helping to shape our understanding of the changing natural world. Cross border projects such as the Horizon 2020 Doing It Together Science (DITOs), LandSense, WeObserve and Making Sense are proving the potential of citizen science to fit the smart city effort and drive positive change for greener cities.

This session will bring two main topics into the spotlight for an interactive discussion with the audience. First, we will introduce inspiring European urban initiatives where citizen science is achieving environmental policy impact on diverse topics such as air quality and flooding. Then we will take a tour of biodiversity in the city, from international BioBlitz sprints to local backyard science - we’ll invite the audience to visit (!) and meet some inspiring examples of citizens who are helping to track the changing nature of cities. Featuring an open audience Q&A throughout we’ll consider how to continue developing citizen efforts to achieve policy alignment and science impact.



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