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To celebrate the first International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD), the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin invites visitors to learn about citizen science and to participate in science!

In citizen science, citizens become a vital part of the research process. Depending on the kind of participation; they can play an active role, satisfy their own curiosity, raise their awareness and make a contribution to important issues like a more inclusive society, global sustainability or the preservation of biodiversity.

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin brings various citizen science initiatives together in one place:

buergerschaffenwissen.de/en The “Citizens Create Knowledge” (Bürger Schaffen Wissen)” is the central citizen science platform in Germany. It provides an overview of current projects, thus illustrating the concept as well as raising the profile of citizen science in the public domain. In addition, it contributes to spread information, connect participants and follow current debates on citizen science.

Stadtnatur entdecken gives with the App “Naturblick” a digital grasp on the experience of nature in an urban space. Several tools are combined in the app that allows users to identify species. They include an automated birdsong recognition tool, and a digital guide to trees, birds and other living organisms. There is a map function that will help explore nature in the users’ immediate vicinity in Berlin, highlighting the diversity of species to be found.

EU BON, Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network aims to contribute to the requirements of biodiversity observation systems and environmental datasets to enable integrative analyses and implementation of environmental policies.

ECSA, the European Citizen Science Association is set up to encourage the growth of the Citizen Science movement in Europe by building on the substantial expertise of its members in order to mobilize citizen science as a means for evidence-based sustainable development.

On the 10th of November, 2016 we will inform and invite our visitors to join different citizen science projects that address the Sustainable Development Goals: 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 14. Life below Water, and 15.Life on Land.

Our visitors can take part in an exciting hands-on activity on biomimicry and learn about intelligent mechanisms and strategies from nature. By applying nature’s wisdom the methodology of Biomimicry enables creative solutions and facilitates innovative ideas for a more sustainable living within cities and communities and a conscious, resource-conserving interaction with our environment.

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