Workshop at ECSA international Citizen Science conference, Geneva, June 2018

What empowers people and matters of concern in social change?
Who has what roles in research and advocacy?
How can co-creation, inclusiveness and equity become part of cooperation between scientists and civil society?

This workshop stimulates exchange between practitioners from community-based research as done in Science Shops and citizen science on the topic of empowerment in its many facets, among them inclusiveness and equity. Our aim is to identify joint questions for future collaboration, e.g. in an ECSA working group.

More information is here:



09:45 Welcome and introduction, Michael Søgaard Jørgensen (why this is important in a CBR context + empowerment) & Claudia Göbel (why this is important in a CS context + workshop methodology)

10:00 Input presentations by people who have worked on empowerment:

  • Muki Haklay - What practices of inclusiveness suit different types of citizen science activities? When should we use "Build it and they'll come", "no one left behind", or "show your commtment first"? 

10:25 Breaking into groups and discussing topics highlighted in talks as well as others proposed by attendees further

10:50 Converging back to plenary - identifying topics of commomn interests, e.g for an ECSA working group on empowerment, inclusiveness and equity in citizen science

11:00 End of session


The topics of discussion are followed up in our newly founded ECSA working group on Empowerment, Inclusiveness & Equity. We're happy to be in touch!

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