THE CROWD & THE CLOUD, a 4-part public television series premiering in April 2017

Tune in to PBS this Thursday April 6th for the first episode in the 4-part series The Crowd & The Cloud.

Keep an eye out for many of your peers, colleagues, and favorite projects - this television program explores the frontiers of citizen science in the age of mobile technology and is hosted by former NASA Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati. The Crowd & The Cloud will air Thursdays this April - check your local listings and watch the series trailer here to get a sense of the power of this media moment!


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Or watch it online here:

Episode 1 - Even Big Data Starts Small

Episode 2 - Citizens + Scientists

Episode 3 - Viral vs. Virus

Epsiode 4 - Citizens4Earth


You can actively contribute to the experience on social media! Look out for #CrowdCloudLIVE

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