We are excited to invite you to join the first team competition of Stall Catchers – an online game that crowdsources real Alzheimer’s research – and increase your organization’s exposure via the accompanying media campaign and the premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud public television documentary series on April 6th.

What is this about?

We are searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and for the first time in history YOU can help hands-on. Together with collaborators at Cornell, Berkeley, and Princeton, and with support from the BrightFocus Foundation, the Human Computation Institute has created the first citizen science project to fight Alzheimer’s – EyesOnALZ. Our online game – Stall Catchers – is enlisting the help of public volunteers to speed up real scientific research for the first time.

How can YOU help?

Our project – EyesOnALZ – is about to run its first Stall Catchers team competition and YOU can be part of it. The month-long competition will kick off on April 6th, immediately following the National Public Television premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud (crowdandcloud.org).  This new mini-series about citizen science features EyesOnALZ & Stall Catchers in its first episode, and was created by one of the producers of the original COSMOS series with Carl Sagan!

We invite YOU and your organization to create a team on Stall Catchers, play the game and compete for one month with other organizations that want to cure Alzheimer’s!


  • Team registration on Stall Catchers opens 6AM ET/10AM UTC, April 6, so GET READY! The competition itself begins 10PM ET, April 6 / 2AM UTC, April 7, and runs for one month, until 9PM ET, May 6 / 1AM UTC, May 7.



  • Go to StallCatchers.com and register.
  • Navigate to “Teams” and click the “Create a new team” link. REGISTRATION DOESN'T OPEN UNTIL 6AM ET/10AM UTC, April 6
  • Fill in a short team registration form for your organization and submit
  • Grab the invite link and start sharing it with your colleagues!
  • Your team may optionally join a League of your choice or create one, but in the end, it’s the Team score that matters!

Contact support via info@eyesonalz.com if you run into any problems!

Use #CrushALZ to share your progress on social media!

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