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Université du Luxembourg, Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
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We just started our first citizen science project at the Institute for Luxembourgish Language and Literatures making use of smartphone technology to document visible multilingualism in, analyze societal dynamics together with, and communicate cultural complexity to society.
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Lingscape – Linguistic Landscaping
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Insitute for Luxembourgish Language and Literature, Université du Luxembourg
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Writing is everywhere in public space. All different kinds of signs and lettering form the linguistic landscape of a place or community. Often these signs display different languages, be they on the same sign or next to each other. Lingscape is a free mobile app for researching such linguistic landscapes all over the world. Therefore we collect photos of signs and lettering on an interactive map. Our main objectives: We want to analyze the diversity and dynamics of public writing. And we want to do that together with people from all over the world. Beyond that, we are cooperating closely with educational institutions to develop digital teaching tools that combine a scientific approach with public engagement. You can help us to collect as many photos as possible. Upload your own photos or explore the map with all photos added by other users. Share photos you like with your friends. Become part of our crowd research team by contributing to the project. Citizen science meets linguistic landscaping, or short: Lingscape!
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