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Working for a Government Body
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New Forest National Park and University of Winchester
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I have a long history of looking at how smartphones, web mapping and GIS can be used to improve undertaking and interpretation within landscape archaeology. Results of which can be seen within a book chapter for the 'Visual Heritage in a Digital Age' book ( and an article on Internet Archaeology ( More recently I have been the project office for a heritage mapping project within the New Forest National Park. As part of this I have looked to follow on from my work using smartphone and tablet devices to develop a Citizen Science project, where by local enthusiasts can use tablet devices to help verify archaeological sites that have been identified through a remote sensing technique known as Lidar ( This work has look to assess the advantages and disadvantages see when looking to utilise open source recording and mapping appellations in comparison to more traditional paper based recording and more expensive recording equipment and applications ( More recently I have started a part time PhD. at the University of Winchester looking at the use of Citizen Science and mobile technology to empower local comities to record and manage archaeological sites found within protected landscape.