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University of Maryland, University of Gothenburg
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I am a long time participant in citizen science activities and platforms having started my journey in the late 90's. Starting in the BOINC and GridRepublic platform work I ventured into testing and reporting issues with various citizen science platforms. I participated in the 2012 and 2014 citizen cyberscience summits, the US citizen science meeting, and various other discussions and introduced researchers to the Zooniverse platform and Snapshot Serengeti was a result of one of the introductions. I've helped discuss platform designs for and other projects. I continue today with the work on helping to understand and improve citizen science via my PhD program under Dr. Andrea Wiggins for which I helped organize a workshop at CSCW in 2017 to advance the discussion on the science of citizen science. I also have helped advise and admin since 2013. I try to keep up with the social media activities in citizen science across many platforms including Twitter and listservs. To summarize the majority of my work is dedicated to researching and supporting citizen science.