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Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment - DAFNAE - University of Padova
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I approached Citizen Science approximately one year ago reading a fair amount of publications on the subject. I participated in ECSA General Assembly in Wien in January 2017. In may 2017 I joined a BioBlitz as a soil expert within MIPP Life Project. I'm creating a partenariat to propose a LIFE project involving Citizen Science.
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LIFE - MOSAICS Monitoring Soil and Involving Citizen Science
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University of Padova - Italy
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We are implementing an instrument, which is already in advanced design, for in-the-field soil analysis. The device will be easy to use, affordable, interactive and scientifically sound. It will be based on Open technologies and fully controlled through a mobile app. Based on the instrument the project aims to initiate a citizen science soil monitoring and awareness-raising campaign. Participants will analyze the environment to understand soil in a stimulating and interactive way. Acquired data will be collected, analyzed and distributed by means of a web portal with geotagged reports interactively visualized. Further information on the societal importance of soil degradation will be provided. A social network for stakeholders, participants and project partners will be hosted. Data will be checked for consistency based on other nearby sampled points or existing databases and corrective measures will be adopted to ensure data quality.
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