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I am a adjunct professor at University of Bologna since 1996 and I am doing research on environmental science as self-employed
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University of Bologna
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Early this year I opened an Osservatory on Citizen Science in collaboration with Fondation Flaminia and IGRG (Integrated Geoscience research group). We started our activity on fresh water activities in collaboration with FWW (Resh Water Watch).
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Citizen Science Italia Osservatorio
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Flaminia Fondation
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PROJECT: office for Citizen Science supporting and consulting Aims: • to collaborate within the Earthwatch platform in Freshwater watch sector; • to promote, spread and share knowledge and good practices for collecting samples • develop new application techniques; • to develop citizen science projects for open and international schools • set out a pilot experience with three Parks (Delta Po; Foreste Casentinesi and Taro) within the Emilia-Romagna Region. Monitoring activities: in collaboration with Freshwater watch we start to monitor monthly, using the specific kit for nitrate phosphate and turbidity, 9 sites for one year. In this activity will be involved 30 citizens. In this activities we will: lead the project, do training for citizen, collect and elaborate data, support the three parks and volunteer groups, constant citizen involvement.
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