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Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF)
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I am engaged into a research project now and we have already defined tasks and involve teachers and pupils to work on a beautiful project - Interlinking Pictura, which is a Virtual Research Environment based on Semantic MediaWiki platform , helping researchers, students and teachers to learn and carryout research on a children’s book, Bertuch’s “Bilderbuch für Kinder”. Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747–1822) began publishing his elaborately designed plates in 1790 and a final volume was published posthumously in 1830. The pictures show animals and plants from all over the world, inventions, discoveries and historical events. Bertuch thereby aimed to provide children with an overview of knowledge that was available at the time. We have a network of teachers available and thinking to involve them to help us to improve the translation of the text, external resource references, etc.
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Interlinking Pictura
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
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