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Ribeiro Rios
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MSc candidate
Organizational affiliation: 
Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI Paris)
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I'm currently working in a Citizen Science project as part of my MSc training. The project is about creating a cheap DNA detection kit that is also user oriented. The idea is that anyone aywhere can do genetic testing. This project has also an educational approach because it promotes well informed discussions about DNA, GMOs and Genetics within non-scientific populations.
Name of Citizen Science Project: 
GMO detection kit
Organization running the project: 
Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI Paris)
Brief description of project: 
The GMO detection kit is a low cost and open source tool for DNA detection. This kit can be used both for scientific and educational purposes. The idea is to detect a gene of interest simply rapidly and affordably. Users will be encouraged to upload, share and discuss their results with others across the world. GMO Detection Kit aims to allow anybody anywhere to do genetic detection, simply rapidly and affordably. We want to promote a more engaging and educated dialogue about DNA, Genetics, GMOs and Open Science by the broader public. We wish to use science as tool to empower societies everywhere.
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