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Romero Solorio
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My latest research project was located in Manaus, Brazil, and involved working with Pied tamarins, a UICN endangered species. These primates live in urban forest fragments and, as such, are in constant contact with domestic animals and human populations. The goal of my study was to determine the degree to which pied tamarin populations in an urban landscape were susceptible to emerging diseases and to assess potential associations between the level of anthropogenic impact and disease susceptibility. For this reason my work occurred in close collaboration with local human communities directly surrounding pied tamarin populations. The results clearly indicated that human-tamarin contact increased disease susceptibility, and was widely covered in popular media: World’s Wildest Cities: Manaus. Off the Fence Production Company. Broadcaster France Televisions & Discovery Networks. 2013.
 Primata encontrado só no AM pode desaparecer, alertam pesquisadores. G1 AM Globo newspaper. Manaus, 2014. Obras em avenida de Manaus causam desequilíbrio ambiental e prejudicam a espécie mais ameaçada da fauna amazônica. A Crítica newspaper, Manaus, 2013.