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Radboud University
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Yes, for instance have set up and implemented the project Smart Emission in the city of Nijmegen as type of action research ( Have analyzed earlier citizen science initiatives in the Netherlands in an article on citizen-sensor-networks and influence on Dutch governance dynamics ( Executing joint research with the "Measuring Together" initiative in the Netherlands with the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, joining as research partner in European initiative "Fresh Air 4 Us" together with, amongst others, Waag Society,, Airbezen, NILU, RIVM, and others, proposal developed during and after Lorentz Workshop on citizen science in January 2018, organized by Leiden University. Have held discussions as guest lecture with various citizen science initiatives in the Netherlands, such as "Measure your city" in FabLab Amersfoort, Aireas in Eindhoven, Neighbourhood citizen initiative for clean air in Rotterdam, Smart City masterclass by municipalities in Rijswijk, etc. Have organized a small meeting in 2017 together with RIVM on citizen science initiatives for air quality monitoring in Bilthoven, together with citizen scientists from various local community initiatives.