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Working for an NGO
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US South Big Data Innovation Hub
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Previously, I spent 17 years working with local communities to build digital mapping capacity through a series of participatory action research projects (ie., participatory mapping or Volunteered Geographic Information). In addition, over my 8 years in Washington, DC, I founded the Wilson Center's Commons Lab focused on the legal, policy, and scientific challenges of citizen science, founded the US Federal Government's Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science, worked with the White House to issue the White House Memo on Citizen Science and worked with the US Senate to develop the citizen science legislation. Now I run a research coordination network (the South Big Data Innovation Hub) that connects researchers with government and industry to apply data science analytics to real world challenges. This includes citizen science, Earth Observation, and big data. We are focused heavily on how these approaches may be applied to health and the environment.