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Teaching Faculty
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Brandeis University
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My work focuses on citizen science as a tool for engagement at the university level in order to educate student (science and non-science majors) of the role that science can have in their future. I engage in citizen science with students to meet learning goals in active engagement and service learning.
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City Nature Challenge: Boston Area
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Brandeis University, EOL, Earthwatch, Zoo New England, UMass Boston, NEOSEC, Massachusetts Audubon
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The City Nature Challenge: Boston Area aims to increase scientific knowledge by building a diverse community of observers, recorders, and biodiversity identifiers (a.k.a. a community of citizen scientists) that can work together contributing to and accessing information from to advance research, education, and civic engagement. Our objectives are: To increase scientific knowledge of the biodiversity and habitats present in the CNC: Boston Area inclusive of terrestrial, aquatic, and marine areas by - adding research grade observations to iNaturalist during the City Nature Challenge. - providing opportunity for all to contribute to, collaborate, and investigate research questions through open science practices. - To engage diverse communities in exploring the Boston Area. - To develop participant expertise by building skills of observation, identification, and submission of and access to data.
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