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Coventry University
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As part of my work / research when at Reading University we involved the general public to take part in Turing test experiments, including at Bletchley Park on the 100th anniversary of the birth of WWII codebreaker and mathematician, Alan Turing in June 2012. The volunteers from the general public, including children, teenagers and adults acting as citizen scientists helped us to raise awareness of the work of Alan Turing, scale the capability of machines in human language, and most importantly, to become aware of cybercrime issues from deceptive chatbots. The 2012 Bletchley Park event gained the London 2012 Inspire Mark for Education: We repeated the experiment in 2014, again in a free event at a public venue, The Royal Society London, attracting citizen scientists who came from all around the world to take part, the event is detailed in a blog here: In 2016, now at Coventry university, I organised a free public 1/2 day workshop on 'The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence'. I have co-authored a general public readership book, 'Turing's imitation game: conversations with the unknown' published by Cambridge University Press: