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I started my first project related to citizen science in 2008, when I created the m(')appare Milano project as a three-month campaign to promote OpenStreetMap in Italy. Still in 2008, I then launched the BuioMetria Partecipativa project, concerning sensor-based citizen science for night sky quality (i.e. light pollution). This project is still alive and kicking, and has obtained significant impacts at the national level in Italy, and developed extensive relationship internationally. Since 2014 I have launched a parallel project on the documentation of "forgotten place names", interviewing people from rural communities in Souther Tuscany to develop open data sets of place names which are no longer (or never have been) recorded by official base maps. As a cross-cutting line of action, with a persistent outreach and community engagement component, I have been organising a large number of events (almost an average of one per month since 2007), dealing with the promotion of our activities, the development of training opportunities at various levels, and more. Having a track record of 25 years of professional experience at international level dealing with environmental monitoring, land planning, and geomatics, we use (or know whom to ask) all the required technologies and are aware of the EU setting for the activities we carry out. This is all documented on the web site.