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Citizen Scientist
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Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, Australian Citizen Science Association and NatureMapr
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I am engaged in leading a regional long term CS biodiversity mapping project. This is based around the Atlas of Living Australia database into which all our surveys, individual sightings and BioBlitz records go. It is also used by our network of 14 regional organisations. I am helping to promote the UK\OPAL BioBlitz model in Australia and I am one of the instigators of the Australian Citizen Science Association and have Chaired the ACSA Strategic Planning and Big Projects groups I am also developing the citizen science policy agenda in Australia Advocating for the collaboration of citizen science and those working on the SDG's, in individual projects, in Australia and globally, we have established an SDG and Citizen Science Maximisation group with 80 members globally in 4 weeks.
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Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (Australia)
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local volunteers, naturalists and volunteer nrm's and scientists
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An entirely Community established and run long term biodiversity mapping project. The results of our work are fed in to our regional NatureMapr database network, each record is moderated and then added to the national Atlas of Living Australia database. After 7 years we have over 2,000 contributors, 1.18+ million records, 12 database Admins. and 126 expert moderators. We have undertaken 8 BioBlitzes to date, one which contributed a species list of 1,008 species recorded in 2 days. We have also led the creation of the national BioBlitz Guide. Multiple projects and surveys contribute to what will be a rich and valuable biodiversity database over time and our community is developing increasing scientific and biodiversity knowledge and scientific survey skills. We have led the formation of a regional Science Hub with14 supporting organisations , we are incorporated with a Management Committee and Public Officers. We work closely with local schools and a number of Universities, Museums and all our regional NRMs.
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