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I am the main developer of OpenStreetMap for the dyslexic, a project that tries to represent data coming from OpenStreetMap in a way dyslexics can easily recognize. The project is still in development.
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OpenStreetMap for the dyslexic
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The primary objective of OSM for the dyslexic is to mitigate typical reading errors dyslexic people do when reading and browsing OpenStreetMap. Despite many applications were developed specifically for dyslexics, none of them is a GIS application. The concept of styling maps for dislexics is an innovative point of view for increasing acessibility of the GIS (open) data. None of the free basemaps are accesible-ready for dislexics: They are: feature-rich, color-rich, rich of text following complex paths. Dyslexics feel better when: text is capitalized and always horizontal, same colors represent same things, few information are on the screen. None of the existing GIS application has the capability to: describe and tell (audio) where the user is, describe and tell the path made by the user around the map, describe and tell what the user is currently watching, describe and tell the user informations about every single feature on a map.
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