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I developed during the last year a citizen science project, and I am currently contacting local associations and diving clubs to get them involved in the coordination of a network of citizen scientists (divers). I also got the collaboration of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM). The project is funded by an European ERA-NET project (
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COGESMED for divers - Citizen Science for CIGESMED
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IMBE (Mediterranean Institute of marine and continental Biology and Ecology) - CNRS
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The project aims at creating a network of enthusiast divers who will observe the endemic Mediterranean biogenic reefs known as "coralligenous". France, Greece and Turkey are the countries currently involved in the project, but a second-time objective is to spread it to all other Mediterranean countries. Volunteers observations contribute to the creation of a map of the distribution of coralligenous habitats at Mediterranean scale, not well known especially in the south-eastern basin, and of the distribution of the pressures and possible threats.Furthermore, information about the composition of the communities will be used to characterise the different facies of those habitats at Mediterranean scale ant to assess their health state. Finally, the project allows the long term monitoring of coralligenous habitats.