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I am doing research about how sensors can be used by citizens to provide useful data and how these sensor data can be integrated with formal data to produce high spatial temporal resolution environmental information.
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Urban AirQ
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AMS Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Alterra Wageningen, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M), Waag Society, KNMI, ECN, Longfonds, Wageningen University, GGD Amsterdam,
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Air quality in cities and its impact on public health is currently a growing concern, receiving ample attention from policymakers, scientists and general public. New emerging technologies enable air quality measurements to be crowdsourced and are considered to be a promising complement to the sparse official measurements. To successfully apply these new air quality observations, two issues must be addressed: which incentives do citizens have to be actively involved, and how to quantify the added-value of alternative measurements with respect to official monitoring stations. While exploring these issues, Valkenburgerstraat and Kromme Waal in Amsterdam are central in this study.