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University of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)
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I am a historian, sociologist, and epistemologist who reflects citizen science endeavours. I have a strong connection to citizen science programes like GEWISS (Germany), ScienceCité (Switzerland) or the FWF/BMWFW Citizen Science initiative "Sparkling Science goes Citizen Science" (Austria). I contribute to them via my expertise and critical thinking capacity. For example: - barcamps and other activities of the GEWISS Group - Chair of Session 7 at the ECSA Conference in May - Experts Panel Member for funding CS Projects (April 2016) for the FWF - COST action application During my whole carreer I worked on Citizen Science. In 2014 I published the book “Citizen Science: Participatory Knowledge Production in the late 19th and early 20th Century”, which investigates the quantified field observation, the field-experimentation and the general knowledge-culture of non-academic ornithologists in Germany. As part of the SNF Group "Rethinking Science and Participation" (Geneva) (PI: Bruno Strasser) I work on discovering longue durée relations between social movements and participatory health research.