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University of Edinburgh
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As a researcher I look at processes of involvement, collaboration or co-creation of knowledge; Citizen Science, seen as a creative and innovative phenomenon, has a central place in such processes. Additionally, I run a network on Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing at the University of Edinburgh (, whose objectives are, amongst others, to raise awareness of CS, to further good practice among CS practitioners, to discuss, analyse and research CS as a multifaceted phenomenon. The network has been running since 2015, and it has operated through events, seminars and workshops on a wide range of themes and scope from biodiversity through psychology to social history. Most participants come from a university background though the network has also engaged with museums, environmental NGOs and community-development projects.
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Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Network
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Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Network
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Not a project as such, rather a network academics, practitioners and organisations interested in researching and/or with projects in CS.
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