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Tel Hai College
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Since 2011 I am giving free outreach courses in underprivileged areas about environmental and social injustice (Town Square Academia), and participate in a pro-active group that monitors biodiversity in these areas.
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Town Square Academia
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Tel Hai College
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Academic research from the early days of Socrates perceived its role not only as an intellectual endeavour but also as a transformative way of life. The objective of “Town Square Academia” is to galvanize an interdisciplinary and activist academic centre that builds a local dialog and resists social and environmental injustice along the Jordan River. In practice, we conduct free outreach courses lead by volunteering experts – senior lecturers with lay people – aimed to transfer existing scientific knowledge as well as document local tacit knowledge in a peripheral area. Over 10 courses per year, with hundreds of learners from all ethnicities, socio-economic status, gender and ages, study together at local humus joints, schools, factories and small cafés and attempt to build together a long term pro-active platform. To conclude, engage science to re-discover its democratic and cooperative roots and local stakeholders to reclaim their local knowledge, identity and life.
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