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Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale, Sapienza Università di Roma
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Department of Environmental Biology, Sapienza University of Rome
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Research institute
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The Department of Environmental Biology of Sapienza Rome University, is composed of experts in different levels of plant diversity, who have accumulated considerable research experience in coordinating of a wide range of projects. Research carried out by DBA group has focused on problems of ecological interest regarding the following subjects: a) study of energy flows and of the circulation of matter in Mediterranean and Apennines ecosystems; b) studies of global change through the characterization of morphological and biochemical-physiological responses to the atmospheric pollutants and to increase of atmospheric CO2, and their modelling; c) valuation of environmental quality through study of bio-indication and bio-monitoring in natural and urban ecosystems; d) basic biochemical-physiological research (gas exchange, direct and modulated chlorophyll fluorescence measurements) aimed at understanding the mechanisms of environmental stresses (climatic and pollution stresses) on plant species; e) development of experimental approaches aiming to produce subject maps of vegetation and of environmental quality through satellite remote sensing and field surveys (GIS and landscape analysis) f) Analysis of ecosystem services, with particular reference to the mitigating role of air pollutants by vegetation. The above research projects were funded by national (CNR, MIUR) and European grants. Also are present expertise in different levels of plant diversity, who have accumulated considerable research experience in coordinating of a wide range of projects. In many projects the Department acts as Interuniversity Research Centre Biodiversity, Plant Sociology and Landscape Ecology". In particular there are projects dealing with plant taxonomy and projects undertaken in the field of vegetation research at national scale and at local scale. National and international EU projects implement by DBA: - LIFE13 ENV/IT/000842 “Monitoring biodiversity by a Citizen Science approach for solving environmental problems” CSMON-LIFE (2014-2017). - LIFE14 NAT/IT/000544 PonDerat "Restoring the Pontine Archipelago ecosystem through management of rats and other invasive alien specie" 2015-2020. Furthermore, DBA has been involved in the following projects: - Management plan Velipoje Protected Landscape and Shebenik–Jabllanice National Park National Park (2012-2013) in “Institutional Support to the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Use in Protected Areas and the Management of Waste”. Managing Authority: International Union for Conservation of Nature. - “Italian National Biodiversity” Network. Managing Authority: Italian Ministry of Environment (2010–2012). - Integrated program for capacity building, socio economic development and biodiversity conservation of the Socotra Archipelago (Yemen) (2010–2011). Managing Authority: Environmental Protection Authority (E.P.A.) of Socotra (Yemen). - “Development of a Decisions Support System for the systemic planning of Socotra Archipelago (Yemen)”. Managing Authority: United Nation Development Program (2007-2009). - “Vegetation map of main river and floodplain of the Lazio region (Italy), in according to Habitats Directive and Water Framework Directive” (2009–2011). Managing Authority: Regione Lazio. - “Monitoring of old-growth forest (Habitat of Natura 2000 Network) in Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park”. Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park POR Campania 2000-2006 ASSE I – RISORSE MISURA 1.9 (2007-2008). - “CONECOFOR – Pilot project”. Italian National Forest Service (2006-2007). Managing Authority: Italian Ministry for the Environment (2005-2008). - “A survey of the non-native flora of Italy”. Managing Authority: Italian Ministry for the Environment (2005-2008). - “Old-growth forest in Italian National Parks”. Managing Authority: Italian Ministry for the Environment (2005-2008). - “First contribution to the definition of the IPAs (Important Plant Areas) in Italy”. Managing Authority: Italian Ministry for the Environment (2005-2008). - “Monitoring the Conservation Status of Italian National Park and Italian Landscape”. Managing Authority: Italian Ministry for the Environment (2005-2006).
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DBA is currently partner of LIFE+ "CSMON-LIFE - LIFE13 ENV/IT/842 (Citizen Science Monitoring project)" by carrying out several activities such monitoring target plant species, validating data collected from citizens, awaring target communities on the use of monitoring technologies (e.g. App), data analysis and reporting.
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CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring)
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CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects which focuses on using a citizen science approach on biodiversity. It was funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ programme. The project want to stimulate the participation of the citizens, involving them in the study, management and conservation of biodiversity, hence creating an active collaboration between citizens, scientific community and institutions.At the base of the project there are four pillars of citizen science: -involving (citizens) -understanding (of issues related to the conservation of biodiversity) -cooperating (in the development of effective solutions) -changing (our behavior towards the environment) During the project a set of tools for the collection of scientific data will be developed and made available to the citizens, which will be ble to use them on smartphones and tablets.The project targets individuals, schools and several categories (hikers, fishermen, farmers, boaters, divers, etc.). The study areas are the regions Lazio and Puglia The project aims at activating several citizen science campaigns, which will be focused on several environmental issues, such as: - the loss of biodiversity because of the presence of alien species; - the effects of climate change; - the conservation of rare species; - the impact of human activities on the environment. During these campaigns citizens will help us in monitoring several animal and plant species, which are indicators of such environmental issues. In order to assist citizens, we will develope simple Apps for smartphones and tablets. The data, once validated, will feed the National Biodiversity Network (NNB), an effort promoted by the Italian Ministry for the Environment. During the project, following other positive experiences from the United States and in other European countries, we will also be organizing several Bioblitzes. These are events of collective mobilization, which normally last 24 hours, in which citizens are involved in field activities together with researchers. These activities normally focus on collecting data in speciefic survey areas.
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