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GEOlab - Geomatics and Earth Observation Laboratory
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GEOlab - Geomatics and Earth Observation Laboratory
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University Research Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano
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GEOlab is a multidisciplinary research laboratory of Politecnico di Milano whose focus is on the collection, modeling, analysis and representation of Earth observations. Desktop and web-based GIS for geo-referenced data manipulation, sharing and visualization with the forefront aspects of Citizen Science and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) are a main research topic for the group as well.
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As mentioned before, GEOlab possesses a significant expertise in CS, some of its members are contributors in CS projects and involved in international organizations and projects supporting research and applications on CS. Over the past years, GEOlab members have developed CS applications focused on participatory sensing to report environmental (e.g. biodiversity) and urban observations as well as a game-based land coverage validation. These and other VGI-oriented applications are listed at Education is also a crucial aspect of GEOlab activities. To give an example, a unique learning experience, named MiniMapathon and organized in collaboration with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), was organized in 2016 where two-hundred and twelve 10-year old children from local primary schools were successfully introduced to humanitarian mapping with OSM (