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Wageningen University & Research
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Wageningen University & Research
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Research institute
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To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life
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We run several citizen science networks like: Mosquito radar (, Allergy Radar (, Dutch phenological network (, Tick radar ( and we actively participate in the GLOBE Netherlands program ( of the GLOBE program ( Furthermore we actively communicate topical developments in nature via our nature news website
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Mosquito radar
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The Mosquito radar project aims to determine: 1) where in the Netherlands which mosquito species can be found; 2) the amount of nuisance mosquitoes cause; 3) the risks for health problems; and 4) ways to control mosquitoes and prevent health risks. We asks people to regularly report the amount of mosquito nuisance they experience. During fixed periods we also ask the public to send in dead mosquitoes for further analysis.
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