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Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH - ZSI
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Centre for Social Innovation - ZSI
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Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH
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ZSI conducts research on the social embedding and impact of all types of innovations, and contributes to the design and diffusion of socially accepted and sustainable innovations to meet social challenges. By deployment of innovative research, education, advisory services and co-ordination of networks, we create new knowledge, reflect and configure existing knowledge, evaluate measures, develop concepts and forward their implementation. As independent and globally acting scientific institution, we are engaged in the development of theories, methodologies, instruments and measures as well as in the dissemination of a systemically conceptualised broad innovation approach.
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We have been involved in Citizen Science for various years now, including our participation in the work on the Whitebook on Citizen Science for Europe. We are exploring new evaluation approaches for Citizen Science, running Citizen Science projects, have conducted studies on Citizen Science for the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, etc.
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In CAPTOR citizens and scientists collaborate closely to monitor and address ozone pollution in Europe. We aim to establish low-cost sensor networks maintained by citizens to measure ozone pollution in dispersed areas and to stimulate collaborative solution finding.
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