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Laboratório da Paisagem
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Landscape Laboratory
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Research institute
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Environmental Education and Research & Development on Environmental Sustainability field.
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The Landscape Laboratory is a research and development institution dedicated to research in the area of ​​environmental sustainability. It is also an environmental education institution that promotes through its several actions the involvement of the population and that also brings the community closer to science/scientific research. We recently launched a research project based on citizen science aimed to create a database of biodiversity in Guimarães and also a mobile application for this purpose. This is one of the projects that is part of a set of projects supports the Guimarães European Green Capital 2020 Candidacy.
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Guimarães Biodiversity Database
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The Landscape Laboratory has just launched the "Guimarães Biodiversity Database" project, which presents itself as a challenge that seeks to involve the entire community, both in conservation and in the promotion of its natural heritage. In this sense, based on the concept of science and citizenship. The Landscape Laboratory launches a project that will create a biodiversity database supported by other several actions that intend to promote the involvement between scientists and citizens. In this way, from now on you can contribute to the creation of this database in an initial phase, with just one click. Briefly we will also announce an application mobile for this purpose.
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