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Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Vienna (RCE Vienna) at the WU Wien
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Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Vienna (RCE Vienna) an der WU Wien
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Research institute
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As one of recently 149 UN certified RCE worldwide, we want to use new learning processes and transformative education across science-society interfaces to enhance the capacity of people to engage actively in shaping a sustainable future.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
Trough transdisciplinary research and applied transdisciplinary project work (like service-learning projects with the community) we try to start an open dialogue between science and society. Herein, we focus on two central questions: How we can built extended transdisciplinary learning spaces for mutual learning and cooperation? How to initiate a shift from passive consumers to active citizens?
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Sustainability Challenge
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The Sustainability Challenge is an interdisciplinary University course on Sustainable Development. The initiative has already been running for the seventh time in Vienna in cooperation with four universities and one purpose: to learn (across science and society) by giving a service to the community.
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