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Bristol Natural History Consortium
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Bristol Natural History Consortium
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Our Mission: Engaging people with the natural world through collaborative action The Bristol Natural History Consortium currently has 14 members who work collaboratively within the BNHC charitable structure. Our membership reflects Bristol’s reputation as a leading centre for the understanding and appreciation of the natural world, although our programmes have national reach and impact. Our Objectives - To deliver entertaining and informative events and activities that inspire greater public interest, volunteering and action for nature. - To facilitate, develop, and disseminate novel communication techniques that engage the widest possible audience - To build, support and pilot effective partnerships that bring together diverse organisations that face similar challenges and issues, and to help organisations learn from each other.
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BNHC supports the UK network of BioBlitz organisers acting as a secretariat and advocate. A BioBlitz is an event format bringing members of the public, naturalists and researchers together in a race against the clock to discover and record as many species of wildlife as possible within a set time period. The data collected forms a baseline snapshot of the biodiversity of a site and contributes to local and national datasets. The greatest value, however, is as a gateway to more in depth citizen science and ongoing recording activity. This support has also spread internationally with event organisers seeking advice from South Africa, Italy, Trinidad, Rwanda and New Zealand, as well as working with key partners to send delegations to Hong Kong and Australia. BNHC also delivers it's own annual BioBlitz programme locally, using the event as a flagship for the national network, an opportunity to develop new,exciting pilot work and exemplar of best practice. In 2017, we plan to deliver the first BioBlitz aimed exclusively at secondary school age groups (12-16) in the UK (and possibly further?).
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National BioBlitz Network (UK)
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The National BioBlitz Network is a support network for approximately 200 event organisers delivering public participation in biological recording across the UK. Coordinated by Bristol Natural History Consortium, the network provides a focal point for discussion, innovation, sharing best practice and advocacy including 5 national conferences to date. Nearly 400 BioBlitz events have been supported by the network since its inception in 2010 with free downloadable resources (e.g. 'Guide to Running a BioBlitz') and a central online programme at
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@bioblitzuk - twitter @ukBioBlitz - facebook