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מקש לקידום יישומי תקשורת מחשבים בחינוך תרבות ומדע
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MAKASH Advancing ICT Applications in Education, Culture and Science
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Advance the society in Israel by promoting applications of ICT in education, culture and science.
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MAKASH is actively seeking to involve the Scientix network (project) in Citizen Science activities and has got a good reaction from the project director, Dr. Agueda Gras-Velazques. MAKASH is running a small pilot involving a transnational community of memory in its systematic documentation. It's proposal for a Citizen Science based program for Humanities in the secondary schools and universiites has been accepted by the Israel Academy of Sciences for its upcoming conference on strengthening the relations between humanities secondary education and the universities. This in addition to the above mentioned participation in WG2 of COST CA15212