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Wise S.r.l. - Società Benefit
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Wise S.r.l. - Benefit Company
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Private Company
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The company mainly promotes innovation for sustainable development , through innovative products and services in the following fields of activities: * in the smart cities and smart environment fields through platform development and production for data collection, data mining, date scraping and web crawling using numerical model, geolocalized information and social sensors; * in the citizen science field, realizing and promoting research and data collection involving authorities, associations, researchers and citizens, even through the development of app , web app, software and technological platform; * in the monitoring, through data and measures collection of natural parameters.
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We are strongly interested in getting in touch with people operating in citizen science projects to spread together citizen science culture as a tool for cultural growth of society, and as a source of reliable data in all that fields and territories, in which traditional tools are not able to provide, with reasonable costs, an adequate quantity and quality of data. We are particularly interested, due to our expertise, in citizen science projects regarding natural phenomena.
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CITHYD (Citizen Hydrology) is an experience of Citizen Science, promoted by professionals who have been involved for years in the design of projects for flood protection river restoration. The aim of CITHYD is to increase knowledge of rivers through water level measurements made by citizens with a smartphone or tablet, automatically stored on the CITHYD platform and available, free of charge, to everyone. The goal is to involve citizens in the collection of water level data, not only in big rivers but also in small streams generally poorly monitored and often causing flooding and damage. We want to create a community of amateur scientists who, through this simple and fast action (it takes less than 2 minutes), get close to rivers, observe them, learn how to appreciate their valuable elements and to understand potential risks. The result of this open and widespread collaboration, which aims to involve researchers, institutions and citizens, is an improvement of the relationship between society, science and institutions in order to make more democratic and informed choices regarding rivers and territory.
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Earth Sciences
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