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Science LinX - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
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Science LinX @ University of Groningen
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Museum/Science Center/Aquarium/Zoo
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Science LinX reaches out and engages pupils, teachers, civil society and the general public drawing on the full range of the scientific community at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Groningen. To spark interest in science and engineering at the University of Groningen it facilitates continuous learning across borders of secondary education, higher education, employers and civil society stakeholders. The Science LinX programme comprises of: • an annual programme of exhibitions, events and learning programmes, • the Science Shop, providing independent, participatory research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society, • the Discovery truck with the ‘Your Future Energy’ programme as a mobile classroom to visit schools, • the Science Support Desk, an online support desk that helps secondary-school pupils with profile assignments, • the Netwerk Noord - Studiestijgers teachers network for continuing professional development. Science LinX (science centre) belongs to the Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering, and coordinates the outreach and engagement programme aimed at pupils, teachers, civil society and the general public. As part of Science LinX the Science Shop aims to support active learning and raise social awareness of students (and their communication skills with a wider audience) and innovative collaboration of researchers with civil society. Thus it contributes to solutions for current and future issues as experienced by civil society actors. For Science LinX students are particularly important. Undergraduate and graduate students are the ‘science ambassadors’. As they are close to school students, and general public, they are well able to establish contact and communicate science and engineering. The lecturers and researchers of the Faculty work closely with Science LinX outreach officers, who also actively approach outstanding academic staff (when awarded grants or prizes) to develop tailor-made communication programmes to engage the public.
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The Science Shop, which does research with and for civil society organizations since 1979, was integrated in Science LinX last February. This catalyzed our interest in citizen science. Science LinX recently got an Erasmus+ project ("SUSTAIN") to do Citizen Science with schools. The Faculty of which we are a part has some citizen science and crowd funded projects, though still limited and pioneering. We are eager to further facilitate these projects. See eg
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Science Shop
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The Science Shop is a continuous activity to articulate research questions from civil society and its organzations; it involves citizens in setting the research agenda and overseeing the subsequent research process.
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