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Scienza Collaborativa
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Collaborative Science
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Our purpose is to foster and support Citizen Science by developing educational projects and communication tools for a wider and deeper public engagement. We think Citizen Science can provide great educational opportunities and we want to support and facilitate teachers and educators in using it but also to help CS project teams to understand all the educational goals of their project and to develop effective communication material and educational tools. Things we like: Disseminating and/or scaling up good practices, Creating and developing learning communities among different actors, Promoting open science, Innovative educational tools.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
We are both project designer and manager for communication and educational project. We are performing research on Citizen Science and supporting it in different ways: Dissemination (Let people know what Citizen Science is…) We proposed and organized a session about Citizen Science at Sharitaly 2016, the most important italian meeting about sharing economy. We talked about Citizen Science to many NGO, environmental educators, teachers, citizens to increase knowledge and partecipation. Public engagement We carried out an audience survey during bioblitz 2016 in 29 Northern Italian parks to monitor public who took part of it. We’ll present the results at First Italian Conference of Citizen Science (Novembre 2017, Rome). We would like to deeply understand how to create a better experience and engagement of citizens, science researcher and scholars. Testing and experimenting the educational power of Citizen Science at School We applied for two calls submitting projects that use CS for educational goals (one with the contribution of “the School of Ants” Università di Parma and Muse, Italy). We are looking for funding and collaborations.