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Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
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Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
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Research institute
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The Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) was established in 2008. It is co-funded by The Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO), and based within the University of Edinburgh. SCPHRP was established to encourage and facilitate collaborations between all sectors of the public health community in Scotland. The core mandate is: To identify key areas of opportunity for developing novel public health interventions that equitably address major health problems in Scotland, and move those forward. To foster collaboration between government, researchers and the public health community to develop a national programme of intervention development, large-scale implementation and robust evaluation. Build capacity within the public health community for collaborative research of the highest quality, with maximum impact on policies, programs and practice SCPHRP’€™s vision is to develop Scotland as a leader in public-health intervention research for equitable health improvement through catalysing strong researcher/research-user collaborations that ensure timely, robust, policy relevant research that is created with – and used by -€“ key decision-makers.
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Our project is focussing on the relationship between shared outdoor spaces and health and wellbeing. We are hoping to involve citizen scientist at all stages of the process, from developing the research questions and surveys, to collecting data, analysing it, and reporting back to thir local communities and policy makers.
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Our Outdoors
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Not yet set up
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Good quality outdoor spaces are important assets for fostering health and wellbeing. A WHO report highlighted the link between green spaces and health, but it is unclear which populations benefit from these and why. There is also little understanding of other shared outdoor spaces which may positively or negatively affect health and well-being. This citizen science project aims to explore shared outdoor spaces in the UK in order to gain an understanding of the quality, accessibility and usability of such spaces. We would like to ask the public to provide data about their local shared outdoor spaces. This will allow us to look at what types of shared outdoor spaces exist, their characteristics, quality and whether outdoor spaces vary depending on area deprivation. The information will help us answer whether some groups may have more/less access and amenities than others, as well as which areas are health promoting spaces and which are seen as being unsafe, unusable or inaccessible. Government, third sector and health agencies could use information gathered from this project to regenerate/revitalise lower quality outdoor spaces and to understand how access (or lack of) to such spaces may contribute to inequalities. Data could also be used to promote high quality, accessible areas. We will ask people of different ages and abilities including children, teenagers, families, older people, disabled, etc to rate their outside space for a range of characteristics including: 1) impact on range of health and wellbeing outcomes, 2) usability, 3) amenities, 4) accessibility. We will also collect data on the characteristics of the responder(s) such as age, gender, health status, ethnicity and postcode.
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