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Europäisches Institut für Energieforschung (EIFER)
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European Institute for Energy Research
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Research Project
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Research with a focus on sustainable city development and energy
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We are an interdisciplinary team, investigating citizen science on the one hand as new source of knowldge/data, on the other hand as form of integrative research, empowering local citizens/actors to take part in the knowledge creation. A current realization of this is the project "Creating Interfaces" in the framework of the SUGI nexus programme by JPI Urban Europe and the Belmont forum. In three Urban Living Labs (Tulcea/Romania, Slupsk/Poland and Wilmington/USA) we are planning to explore citizen science methods in the context of the local food-water-energy-nexus.
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"Creating Interfaces": Building capacity for integrated governance at the Food-Water-Energy-nexus in cities on the water
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Major challenges in urban governance concern interlinking food, water and energy systems, making these linkages understandable to all stakeholders (government, science, business, and citizens), and facilitating cooperation and knowledge exchange among them. The project titled “Creating Interfaces” will address these challenges by developing and testing innovative approaches for local knowledge co-creation and participation through Urban Living Labs in three mid-size cities on water: Tulcea, Romania, Wilmington, USA and Slupsk, Poland. Complemented by previous research and a citizen science toolbox, these Labs comprise a user-defined co-creative approach where research questions, problems, and solutions are decided and implemented with stakeholders themselves.
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
Urban/Landscape Planning
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