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Museos Científicos Coruñeses
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Coruna Science Museums
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Museum/Science Center/Aquarium/Zoo
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Coruñeses Scientific Museums (= mc2) is an institution created by the City Council of A Coruña for the dissemination of science. This initiative is based on the premise that without science there is no culture. It offers citizens incentives and resources to incorporate science into their culture and thus enable them to understand the world in which we live. Beyond its exhibition halls, the Coruña Science Museums bring science closer to citizens through activities, courses, conferences, workshops ... Scientific communication monographs respond to the concerns of the population on current issues such as bird flu , the stem cells or the Asian wasps. To promote the work of scientific comunicators, the City Council of A Coruna- Coruna Scientific Museums awards each year the prizes, an international event that has been held since 1988. In addition, with the collaboration of the Association of Friends of the House of Sciences , the Luis Freire Prize fosters scientific creativity among Galician schoolchildren. In January 2009, the Casa de las Ciencias updated its analog planetarium to turn it into a digital planetarium. In this line, the 3D digital cinema (2008) of the Domus and the OceanoSfera (2010) of the Aquarium Finisterrae complete the scientific audiovisual offer. 30 years later, the Scientific Museums of A Coruña continue to search for new formulas to connect with citizens and new activities to contribute to incorporating science into the daily cultural agenda.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
- We took part of Aqua Project, from Ibercivis Foundation. Also, we will to develop a project about Citizen Science and Biohardware next October 2018. - We applied for two Erasmus + 2018 proposals for Youth and Adult Education to develop Citizen science projects in our museums. - We have a close colaboration with Xentd100cia, a science club member of ECSA, developing activities together.