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Transzdiszciplináris Kutatások Intézete
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Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries
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Our vision is to become a leading European institution able to foster the creation of new disciplines and methodological approaches, crossing and going beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines. Our mission is to create a space that encourages, mediates and hosts transdisciplinary exchanges, not only within the academia but also developing effective communication between the academia, business sector and the society. This mission will be achieved by the development of three pillars of activity: education, research and outreach. In research, our Institute will endeavour to develop further and apply the concept of transdisciplinarity. Scientists and professionals contribute their unique expertise, engage at the boundaries of their specific disciplineswith the declared aim of understanding the complexities of the whole project rather than providing a multifaceted understanding of only one part of it. In this complex, interesting and challenging work, that implies team work, often international, new intellectual spaces of knowledge are created, sometimes with the help of new methodologies and approaches. The philosophy of Transdisciplinary engagement crucially involves outreach strategy that includes communication with the business sector to engage in innovation activities and with the general public. The multi-stakeholder approach of the Institute will be manifested in activities such as science education, various forms of public engagement with science, promotion of citizen science forums as a way to promote Responsible Research and Innovation. To achieve our mission, Our Core Values, promoted by our Institute, its students and research teams, will include: • Intellectual openness and engagement • Flexibility of thought • Integrity and social responsibility • Fluid and fluent communication • Creativity and innovation • Collaboration and synergy.
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We have organized a Brain Awareness Week in 2018 to connect brain research to the public. We also participated a TEDX event (